Friday, May 29, 2015

Take Advantage of Your Alumni Status


Transitioning from a college student to a working adult after graduation can be challenging. From being involved in organizations and on-campus student groups to becoming a college graduate without a secure social network can feel unsettling. However, being an active alumnus allows you to network with other graduates and create new contacts in the work force. Here are some ways you can stay involved with your college subsequent to graduation. 

Join your alumni association

Brandeis has created a prolific alumni association that promotes school spirit and allows students to stay connected to their alma mater in a very hands-on way. Alumni have the opportunity to stay connected by helping raise funds for different projects on campus that will forever honor their legacy. Check out Brandeis' official alumni page for more information on resources and learn how to get involved with the alumni association. 


Networking is definitely a key component to expanding your resources for any alumni. The ability to network with former peers allows you to build your contact base for your current or future job. Whether that includes face to face networking at alumni functions and events or joining online groups (i.e. Linkedin), networking with fellow alumni is a great way to better your alma mater's reputation and career path. This makes it easier to connect with people, especially when it's someone whom you once shared a campus with.


Volunteering at campus events or for Brandeis' alumni association is a great hands-on way of staying involved as well. Volunteer leaders are responsible for advising the administration on a variety of important issues, from what services and benefits to offer alumni, to opening doors and building relationships with friends, corporations, foundations and other organization ensuring Brandeis can be the best it can be. Check out the link below to get in touch with the alumni association to figure out the best way that you can volunteer your time!

Become a Sponsor 

Promote your business while benefiting your alma mater and its student resources. This is a mutually beneficial form of advertisement for both you and Brandeis. Check out their website that lists all the sponsorship options available to you! 

For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact Marc Stroum at

 Post a Job

When you've landed a job after graduation, take this opportunity to help out those struggling students whose position you were once in! Post internships and job openings that are available at your workplace therefore, potentially paving the way for students following in similar career paths. There are multiple options on how to spread the word, such as posting on Brandeis Class pages on Facebook or directly posting the position on our Hiatt Career Center page under Job and Internship opportunities. Follow this link for more information on how to get started

Visit Campus and Use Your Alumni Benefits  

You may have previously gone to school because it was necessary, but now you have the chance to go back to school as an alumni and utilize your alumni benefits. The Brandeis University Alumni Association offers a variety of valuable benefits and services for alumni throughout their lives. From discounts on insurance, travel and tickets to career services for free, for life, there are plenty of reasons to take advantage of the benefits to which all graduates of Brandeis are automatically entitled. Click on the link below to find out what you are now beneficially eligible for! 
Attend Sporting Events

Regardless of your favorite sport, attending a game and showing some school spirit is always a thrilling experience and is certainly one of the undergrad aspects that you’ll miss most. LuckilyBrandeis celebrates their annual Homecoming event every fall which features athletic contests, a career panel discussion with alumni athletes, family-friendly activities and the Homecoming Bash. 

Check out our Brandeis Homecoming Facebook page in the link below for future updates on how you can participate
For more updates on alumni related events check out the link below so you don't miss out!