Monday, January 26, 2015

Preparing for Winter Weather

With the winter storm of the season fast approaching, Savvy Students need ways to prepare for the cold without breaking the bank. Check out our advice for students both on and off campus. Extra blankets, heaters, and food can get pricey, but here are the best ways to prepare on a budget:

Staying Warm: 
Instead of buying extra blankets or even splurging on a heated blanket, try insulating doors and windows with blankets, towels, or sweaters. The indirect bundling up will surely keep your room toasty! Savvy Students in dorms with electric kettles can sip tea or coffee from the comfort of their bed, without spending money on any elaborate kitchen-ware. Amazon has several affordable electric kettles that will do the trick.
For those living off campus - be sure to check your smoke detectors and avoid leaving lit candles unattended!

Preparing for an Outage: 
In this increasingly digital age, we are rarely prepared for a power outage which strips us of all our basic amenities. Be sure that all electronics are fully charged and powered off in advance of a snowstorm, and avoid excessive use of electronics in the event that access to electronics becomes an emergency.

For those of you living off campus, be sure to keep updated on Waltham traffic information, for example, if the city declares a parking ban. In addition, fill your gas tank! A tank that is not full enough during bitterly cold temperatures will result in frozen gas in your tank stemming from water condensation, wreaking havoc on your car's engine.

Stocking Up: 
Buying food in advance of inclement weather is a gamble - if all the hype turns out to be just hype, you're stuck with a bulk supply of food you don't need. Instead, try creating an "emergency supply" with friends - creating a stockpile of food, water, and other supplies that is shared between roommates or friends can reduce your financial responsibility and increase your emergency preparedness!

Weather Updates: 
Savvy Student recommends that the Brandeis community keep track of weather updates, closures, etc. on the following websites:
www. - Waltham's website, which posts any weather updates - Weather Channel's website shows all weather updates nationwide - Brandeis' own weather advisory
In addition, please check SAGE and your Brandeis G-mail for any news regarding winter weather!