Monday, December 15, 2014

TIME's Tips and Tricks for Travellers

Travelling smart is no easy feat, and it appears as though corporations in the travel industry capitalize on the stress of travel itself. Often times, we are informed at the last minute that flights are delayed, luggage is lost, or the customs line will be hours long. However, there are many benefits that disgruntled travellers can receive which are not as widely publicized until now.

Luckily, TIME has just posted an article that details the best way to navigate such disasters. There are huge payouts to be expected when insuring your flight, especially when flying on unreliable or consistently delayed airlines; next time your suitcase goes missing, you can expect to be reimbursed. The same goes for cancelled or delayed flights. In fact, the benefits can be so big that travellers may cross their fingers for horrible flight service.

TIME, in collaboration with Google Maps, not only provides travellers with ways to get some fast cash from delayed flights and lost luggage, but also informs us on the best (and worst) times to travel during the holidays, and even gives prime advice on getting through customs as fast as possible! TIME shows us the error of our ways, and reminds us of what we should learn before our next travel dilemma.

Seasoned traveler or newbie to the airport-game, be sure to check in with this TIME article to be sure you’re travelling smart!