Thursday, October 23, 2014

Horrifyingly Homemade Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Here comes the blog post you've all been waiting for… Savvy Student’s annual DIY Halloween Costume collection! Browse through our list of Costume DIYs if you’re coming up short on ideas for this year’s festivities! Our goal here at SFS is to provide you with fun, easy to make, and affordable costumes for the upcoming holiday. We have compiled, from several forms of social media, some of the most popular and most creative or well-done costumes this season!

One of the biggest new costumes is Elsa from Frozen, and lucky for us, it is a simple DIY! Anyone looking to recreate the frosty outfit would simply need a light blue dress (sparkles optional but recommended) and a tiara for good measure! To top things off, simply wrap up your hair in a long side braid, and you’ll look just like the popular Disney character!
Check out an inspiring photo here.

While on the subject of newly popular TV and media, why not go for the last minute costume of a character from Orange is the New Black? Mastering the clothes should be easy- any bright orange set or tan set of unisex shirts and pants will do. However, mastering the attitude may be difficult. Be sure to customize your hair and makeup if you’re looking to be a specific character!
These photos may give you some ideas!

If you’re looking for a more frightening cultural reference, try a costume from American Horror Story, the terrifying television series with a creepy-looking cast. Check out PopSugar’s helpful photo series, which even tells you how to dress and act! Some costumes may be a bit more challenging than others, but some could potentially be a simple DIY!

Another great idea from PopSugar, and a great #TBT is the dynamic duo of Fresh Prince and Carlton! Kick off Halloween with the perfect ‘90s stylings. All you’ll need are a few funky patterns for Fresh Prince, which should be easy to find cheap at any thrift or second-hand store, and a nice sweater vest get-up for Carlton (see Dad’s closet). Check out PopSugar’s photo here.

While we’re traveling back to the ‘90s, you may want to think of another decade that could be perfect for a DIY (Think ‘20s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, etc.) This is perfect for a group costume or for going solo. Any decade themed options would also be easy to find at a thrift or second-hand store. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a spooky reminder of the past? Check out this classic picture for some inspiration.

There seems to be an abundance of animal costumes this Halloween, however, Savvy Student loves this one by far. Why not make a costume out of an umbrella and some other materials you may have readily available? With a simple look through Google images, you will see that this costume can range from the simple to the complex. However, we have faith that our Savvy Student readers will be able to put together a DIY jellyfish!
(Tip: If you find the umbrella too bulky, replace it with a headband or turn it into a hat!)

Another classic Halloween animal is of course, the bat. This DIY could be as simple as a black outfit, or could go as extreme to include umbrella bat wings and some awesome makeup! Check out the links for help in creating the classic Halloween bat costume with a twist!

One of the most creative costumes that Savvy Student has seen is this DIY Driving Directions duo. This DIY appears to be relatively simple, and is an awesome way to dress with a significant other or a friend! We would like to commend the couple wearing this costume here.

If you’re into the current smartphone trends but not fully committed to the costume, why not try out a cardboard cutout of your favorite social media site? Whether it’s Instagram, Tinder, or Facebook, you could be a living snapshot of the trending site for a day! Your friends can also join in to create the perfect, temporary snapshot!
(Bonus: If you choose Instagram, you can also go around taking pictures all day and night!)

Savvy Student hopes that all readers can at least get some inspiration from these costume ideas, in the last few days before Halloween! Be sure to browse all options before settling on the perfect, affordable, and creative outfit!