Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Maximize Your Fun While Minimizing Your Spending this Spring Break!

Spring Break is approaching and students could not be more excited. If you want to have a great time this spring break, but don’t want to spend all your hard earned money, here are some possible ideas to still have a great time:

1) Road Trip!
Grab a group of friends, pool your money together, and go on an adventure! You’d be surprised how much fun you could have by just exploring. It is much more common with college students than you might think! It is a perfect time to utilize connections and stay with family and friends. Take scenic routes, go on detours, and see as much as you can. Just make sure you stay responsible and keep track of expenditures and locations. Remember your parents won’t always be there to guide you in life and this is a perfect experience to really learn some independence.

2) Go Camping!
Heading to a nice campsite is much more rewarding than you might think. You can go and pitch a tent, or even rent out a log cabin for cheap. It is a great chance to really take in nature and experience how truly beautiful the world can be. Campsites even offer activities throughout the day that can be loads of fun. You can go fishing, berry-picking, or do a realistic scavenger hunt or game of capture the flag!

3) Visit a Big City!
Don’t doubt for a second that you aren’t near a big, fun city with loads of things to do and history to see! It won’t be hard to find a cheap hotel or motel to stay at. Most big cities have loads of historic sights to be seen and stories to be heard. In addition, they have a wide variety of fun activities you can do! You can go see a show, or visit a popular hangout! The city may very well be the place to be during spring break.

4) Volunteering!
Although it may not be the most fun experience, it is definitely the most rewarding and cheapest experience you can possibly have. As college students there are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there that can even be all expenses paid for! It not only looks great on a resume, it also feels great to contribute to creating a better community. Volunteering with a group of friends might just be a life-changing experience. Brandeis even offers plenty of programs you can choose from. Here’s a link that might help in getting involved: http://www.brandeis.edu/studentaffairs/communityservice/waystogetinvolved/index.html

5) Stay-cation!
Let’s not forget where we are: Boston! Boston is by far one of the most historically rich cities in the entire country! Things like the Freedom Walk can be a fun filled day of history for very cheap. Even at its core, Boston is a great city to just experience. Places like Newbury Street or the Boston Commons can lead to very fun filled days with amazing experiences to have. There are more than enough activities to do in Boston and it might just be worth staying for. You even have the opportunity to visit nearby cities that can lead to a fun filled adventure. Cities like: Portsmouth, NH, Salem, Plymouth, Newburyport, and Cambridge are all very close to Boston and have a lot to offer.